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Priority Maintenance
Heating and Cooling
Household Pests
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Plumbing Maintenance

Supply Plumbing:

Supply plumbing should be checked annually for leaks. Precautions should be taken to ensure that plumbing in areas such as crawl spaces are properly insulated so they will not freeze during winter months. If outdoor faucets are not the anti-freeze type they should be shut off from the interior and drained for the winter or properly insulated. Operate the main shut-off valve and critical isolating valves to ensure proper operation in the event of an emergency. (You will need a meter key to turn off the water at the main.) Plumbing supply valves under the kitchen sink and in bathrooms should never be fully opened. Always close supply valves 1/4 turn after opening. Leaking or dripping faucets should be repaired.

Waste Plumbing:

Visible waste plumbing should be checked for leaks. Slow drains within the house should be cleaned.


Toilets should be checked to ensure that they are properly secured to the floor. Listen for toilets which run continuously. This could be an indication of a leaky flapper valve or a defective tank fill valve

Water Heaters:

In some areas, sludge may accumulate in the bottom of the tank. Draining some water from the bottom of the tank will indicate the presence of sludge and the necessity for regular draining. Be sure to shut off the power or fuel supply prior to draining any water from the tank. Check the water heater safety drain pans for insulation and debris that could obstruct the drain


RoadRunner Inspection Service has provided the above information in an attempt to inform new home owners about general home maintenance. The maintenance suggestions listed above are by no means comprehensive and inclusive of all items that need maintenance in a home. These statements above are only a compilation of maintenance suggestions based on our experience in the business of Real Estate property management, ownership and renovation.