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Priority Maintenance
Heating and Cooling
Household Pests
Magnify Glass

Electrical Maintenance

Service Entrance - Outdoor Wiring:


The mast head and wires leading to the street (if overhead) should be inspected to make sure that they're not loose or frayed. Overhead wiring should be checked for adequate overhead clearance (min 10 ft).


The conduit riser to the meter box should be checked to ensure that it has not pulled out of the meter box exposing electrical wiring.

Ground Connection:

Connection of the ground wire to driven ground rod should be checked. Typically located next to the service entrance conduit and meter box.

Main Service Panel:

The main electrical panel should be checked annually for rust and other indications of moisture penetration. All breakers should be turned off and on to ensure none have seized. All fuses should be tightened. A panel warm to the touch or smelling of burned insulation should be brought to the attention of a licensed electrician. Burned wires indicating loose or poor connections should be brought to the attention of a licensed electrician. All circuits should be properly labeled. AFCIs and GFIs breakers should be tested monthly. The area around the panel for roughly three feet in all directions should be kept clear and unobstructed.

Aluminum wire connections inside the distribution panel should be inspected and tightened annually by a licensed electrician.

Branch Wiring:

Poor or loose connections and exposed wiring found during inspection should be corrected by a licensed electrician. Frayed or damaged wire, including extension cords, appliance cords and plugs, should be replaced. Loose outlets and switches should be tightened. GFCIs should be tested monthly.

Aluminum wire connections throughout the house should be upgraded to the appropriate CO/ALR receptacles or COPALUM connections by a licensed electrician.

Overhead wiring leading to out buildings such as garages should also be inspected. All exterior outlets should have GFCI protection. Exterior outlets should have weather proof covers.



RoadRunner Inspection Service has provided the above information in an attempt to inform new home owners about general home maintenance. The maintenance suggestions listed above are by no means comprehensive and inclusive of all items that need maintenance in a home. These statements above are only a compilation of maintenance suggestions based on our experience in the business of Real Estate property management, ownership and renovation.